This is the Mother Muses Blog!

Firstly, I want to thank you for taking the time out of your super busy day to visit my blog. Secondly, I want to express just how excited I really am to start this journey with you!

As some of you know, I am Mother Muses… The Mommy. The Wife. The Working Mom. The Author. The Editor. The Foodie. The Mermaid. The Digital Matrix. The-you-name-it-that’s-me (super) woman behind the post. My gorgeous baby girl (and the reason I started Mother Muses) is Anastasia – The light of my life! She is the single reason why I am writing this and the only reason I am interested in “Mom Life”.

So what is Mother Muses? And why should you subscribe to our blog?

DSC_8721 2

Mother Muses started on Instagram in 2016 with the aim of documenting the Musings of a First Time Mom (That’s me!). Originally, I wanted a place where I could document my thoughts on being a Mom, and join a community where I could ask other Moms for advice…because let’s face it, being a Mom is scary, and hard, and confusing… it’s a massive black hole of “What the heck am I actually doing?” but at the same time an endless pool of joy and love for our little babies.

Back to the Instagram story… The content I was producing gradually grew to include helpful tips, advice and updates on Motherhood, babies and toddlers. As Anastasia grew, so did our focus. Her personality has also influenced what I post about… before it was breastfeeding, then baby led weaning (the best thing ever) and now we see her drinking “Baby-Cinos” and dancing to Crazy Frog (what have I done?).

We are now at a point where my phone is filled with average-quality videos of my child doing the most incredible and entertaining things with no platform to live on, and blurry pictures that cannot be used on Instagram out of pride. Thus, I have had a brain baby (it’s a thing) and decided to expand upon this account. Which leads us to this… The Mother Muses Blog. And of course, a Facebook Page…

We are ALSO starting a Mother Muses Vlog (watch this space!) and I promise the videos are being shot on a quality recorder (aka not my iPhone). So you can follow all the entertainment on FOUR platforms (Hooray for Social Media!)

Our content focus is expanding too. In addition to what we usually discuss, we will now be posting about the following:

  • Good ‘ol Family Values
  • Raising kids in the 21st Century
  • MORE Tips around Parenting and Kiddos
  • Product Reviews
  • Baby + Travel
  • Planning for the Future
  • Couples Time, Baby Time, and (most importantly) YOU time
  • Healthy, natural living

And whatever else we feel like discussing at that point in time (insert grinning face). Our content is expected to grow organically and change according to our situation day-to-day, but our main focus will always be on the Musings of a Mom. And our promise to YOU is to keep it real.

Do you have any suggestions on what you would like to see on our blog? We are open to your input, so please feel free to submit your comments below and we will do our best here at the Muses House to figure it out.

With that being said, I will do what all others do and prompt you to subscribe to this blog. You won’t want to miss out on what’s to come!

Our other pages are linked below, and to the side of this page. Pay them a visit and see what our Facebook and Vlog are all about… and let’s not forget the Mother Page of Mother Muses – Instagram.

And now it’s time to Rise, my Mothermusers.

Pray and Slay,


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