Review: DSTv Delicious Festival

We were invited to attend the DSTv Delicious Festival. We were VIP guests of Kaya FM and couldn’t be thankful enough for the generosity they bestowed upon us!

It must be said that this was Anastasia’s first festival. I was a little skeptical at bringing her along, but I bit the bullet and packed her nappy bag all the same. She had a snooze in the car on our way there, and when we finally got through security check she was bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Father Muses held her tightly as we passed the festival lawns, music pumping from the stage. I eyed the beer tents with apprehension and second guessed myself… maybe bringing an 18-month old to an international Food and Music festival was not the best idea after all. Worst case scenario, we would have to leave the festivities early… but she did so well. In fact, she loved it! And apart from that, everyone loved HER (of course).

IMG_0318 (2)

IMG_0436 (1)

I don’t know what it is about cute babies, but they always seem to get freebies and special treatment from everyone around them (Mama ain’t complaining!)

We were taken to the Food Factory where we had a luxury lounge and seating area, a cappuccino bar and a private viewing balcony of the stage – great for little kiddies to safely run around in and play! Anastasia loved this area. She also loved the fact that she got her first “Festival Bracelet” – helped along by its Kaya FM red and sparkly appearance.

We were treated to an array of scrumptious foods and an awesome premium bar facility. My personal best was watching a live cooking demonstration by celebrity Chef Andrew Atkinson, renowned MasterChef Judge. The Flavour Station was particularly interesting, and my taste buds danced in delight at the new sensations offered by the arrangement of spices, sauces, snacks and cheeses on offer.

Anastasia tried a few new things, such as caviar and squid. She hated the squid, but loved the caviar (of course she would). She was given dessert early, as the dessert bar only opened at 5:30pm.

IMG_0303 (1)IMG_0301

There was an interactive Kids Zone where parents could safely leave their kiddos at so that they could enjoy the festival without having to worry about their child’s whereabouts. If Anastasia was a little older, she would have loved this area! There were fun activities such as the Imagination Studio and Mini-Zoo, as well as the Cartoon Network Flash Mob and screening area. I heard more than one child negotiating with their parents to stay “just a little longer”.

Despite my initial misgivings, I was super impressed by this festival. As parents you’re always on the lookout for new child-friendly activities on the weekend where both you and your spawn can enjoy the day without getting board or covered in some sort of goo. The event was so sophisticated – I felt like I was at the Durban July.

The entertainment line-up was exceptional, and the food stalls were bound to keep even the biggest Foodie happy. Tickets started at R495, but I would pay the extra to have the full experience… particularly if I planned to stay for the whole day.

So my dear Mother Muses Fam, what is my final verdict? Worth visiting next year with the Fam? Oh yeah.

Pray & Slay,


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