My Choice of Diaper Bags

Before I even fell pregnant I knew what I wanted in a Diaper Bag – something stylish, totally different, very practical (read between the lines: LOTS of pockets) and something that would stand out from the usual. I envisioned my Diaper Bag sitting comfortably and smugly on a lonesome stool with sunlight drifting down upon it, in a sort of hazy, frosted image you would get on a post-card for Christmas.

Little did I know that finding such a bag was near right impossible, especially in the price range I had in mind. Baby Expo after Baby Expo, online store after baby boutique, I couldn’t find what I wanted. The bags that were affordable were cute, but…. nothing more than that. The ones I found which were amazeballs cost about the same as my undergraduate degree. What to do, what to do…

My husband, of all people, was gifted a baby bag from his boss for me. When he arrived home and presented this lime green sack, I glared at him the way a cat owner would look at their beloved feline for bringing in a rat he just caught. I’ll be honest, the bag did not speak to me right away.

In fact, I put it in the baby room without another thought. Out of pure desperation did I eventually decide to look at it 4 weeks before Anastasia was born. I slid it out of the plastic bag it came in, felt the sleek leather-ish plastic-ish lime green honeycomb covering, ran my fingers over the red trimmings and zips, then finally circled the logo on the front pocket.

Lou Harvey.

lou harvey bag

Never heard of it. The design looked familiar although – I might have seen some of these ludicrous colours on Instagram before, or perhaps whilst out shopping in a passing window display. Still, I didn’t know if I fully liked it…yet. I opened the bag and was pleasantly surprised at the inside. There were POCKETS!! And lots of them! I had space for my goodies to be stored. I liked that the bag came with a decently sized matching changing mat which fitted effortlessly in a side pocket.

I packed the bag and prepped it for the hospital – this was going to be my baby’s first bag. I don’t know what it was (perhaps the bonding hormones of giving birth and having that darn bag right across from me the whole time) but I fell in-love with it. Nobody else had a bag like this. It had two outer pockets on each side for my bottles, it had the front pocket which I filled with medicine for Anastasia and lipstick for me, and the back pocket for the changing mat. The two attached handles were sturdy and comfortable to use, and the adjustable strap didn’t cut into my shoulder when I wore it.

The inside zipped pocket was perfect for my bank cards, and the other 3 pockets were great for storing everything else. Then there was the ample space within the bag itself… I fell in love with it. In fact, I am so passionate about this particular bag that I am giving one away… for free! To celebrate the launch of this blog, and to celebrate YOU!

My fellow Mother Muser.

lou harevy

In the end, this bag met my needs… it was something stylish, it was totally different, it was very practical (LOTS of pockets!) and something that always stood out from the usual.

My advice for choosing a diaper bag is simple – don’t rush. I had 3 other bags which I tried to use but always ended back with my Lou Harvey. Go to the shops and don’t be afraid to open the bags. Look inside. Walk around with them. If it doesn’t speak to you, don’t get it. You will need to be comfortable and practical in your choice, as a Mother always needs that…

Visit my Instagram account for more details on how to enter the giveaway.

Good Luck!

Pray & Slay,


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