Future Park

I’m always looking for new and exciting activities to entertain Anastasia with. I am a firm believer in exposing children to all sorts of events, broadening their horizons and expanding their minds.

Future Park, an interactive techy theme-park like sort of venture, was a prime example of this for me. We took The Star to experience this limited time event, which has seemingly been experienced by millions of children across the world.

IMG_5067 (3).jpg

Future Park is sold as offering your kiddies fun, interactive activities which captivate the imagination and introduce young minds to the marvels of technology. A big selling point are their scanners and sensors that make each child’s colourful drawing come to life in their unique digital universe. It promises to provide endless entertainment for children of all ages, which also helps to develop fine motor skills.

Future Park, which is currently being housed in The Globe at Silverstar Casino, uses a child’s creativity in a virtual city, where they can play digital hopscotch, and make music with symphony balls that change colour and sound as they move.

Although we saw the scanned drawings, Anastasia wasn’t interested in it. Which is surprising since she takes any opportunity to ‘draw’ on Mommy’s walls in pen. She enjoyed the digital hopscotch, and played a bit with interactive digital tables and blocks which formed digital cities on the walls. They also had a table with little animated people, rain clouds and food projected upon them. She had some fun here too.


She enjoyed the symphony balls, however, I found that there were too many kids in the play pen at the same time, which stopped me from allowing a tiny two-year old into a pen of bobbing adolescents, some of which were teenagers. This could have been better managed.

I will admit that I was disappointed in the cost of the event versus the value received. Adults have practically nothing to do expect supervise their children, so I failed to understand why we had to pay full price for a ticket, let alone pay for one at all. I also believe the tickets should be sold according to age, as there were children there that definitely got more value than Anastasia did, simply because they were bigger than her and could bully other kids into allowing them more time on certain activities.

The venue was also super dark, which is needed for the digital screens, however led my paranoid mind to ‘What is lurking beyond”… parents get my drift.

Overall I believe it was a rip off. We paid almost R400 for 15 minutes of mild entertainment. We got more joy for The Star from the free activities outside in the courtyard for Easter, and from the R20 we spent in the arcade.

If you are interested in going, Future Park will remain open at Silverstar Casino for only a few more days, from 10h00 to 18h00. I believe the event is closing after the 8th.

Perhaps our experience was marred by the amount of people in the tent, or perhaps my expectations were higher than they should have been. Either way, if you attend, I hope you get more value for your ticket than we did.

Pray and Slay,


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