We Went to the Dentist

…and my toddler needs to have fillings in her milk teeth (sad sobbing).

How could this happen? She is so young, eats a healthy diet, hardly has any sweets and doesn’t drink fizzy drinks? Plus, we brush her teeth twice a day. Adding to that, her parents both have brilliant dental hygiene and don’t have any fillings…. Good genetics – don’t you play a role in this? Huh?

IMG_5656 (1)

Apparently, there is a thing called ‘Baby Bottle Tooth Decay’ which translates into ‘Your baby’s bottle is the devil’. Okay, maybe not exactly that… but it means that the bottle your baby sleeps with (or drinks from in the day) allows for bacteria to grow and spread, and thus fester, in your baby’s mouth – eating away at the enamel of your baby’s beautiful little pearly whites.

Something interesting to add – sugar is not the primary evil in this scenario (amazing, right?). It’s acid. Acid from anything below the normal pH level of the mouth, which is 7. Tooth decay begins at 5.5, which even plain milk can induce. Yikes! So what do we as parents do? Only ever give our babies water? No, of course not. That’s not feasible.

Basically, we have been advised to ween her off a bottle feed at night, encourage open cup drinking (Sippy cups are just as bad as bottles, seemingly) and continue to brush her teeth twice a day. Also, to form a habit of drinking water after a meal, to help promote a more neutral pH balance in the mouth. I have also introduced a magic supplement that I took as a child, which I believe helped with the strength of my teeth.


As she is so young, she was placed under local anesthetic to allow the dental surgeon to fill her cavities. The brave little solider that she is, she took it in her stride and faced it head on. Now it’s our duty to make sure those little teeth remain sturdy until her adult teeth emerge.

Parenting… making sure that a new curve ball is thrown at you every day!

Pray and Slay,


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