Maternity Shoots – Worth it?

I just got my photos from my Maternity Shoot I did at 34 weeks – I am IN LOVE with them!

I didn’t get a chance to have a photoshoot with my first pregnancy (cries) so I was determined to have one this time around. I love the outdoor/nature shoots, and had a very specific look & feel in mind when I contacted Kyle from Bravo Photography (my go-to guy for photos in Johannesburg). Lucky for me, he was totally on par with what I had in mind, and had done a fair few other shoots which were similar (he even had awesome dresses for me to wear).


I didn’t want Father Muses in the photos – I feel that maternity couple shoots are a bit weird. The Dad-to-be always looks so awkward, and the whole “let me grab you from behind and hold your belly” thing never seems right. So I did the shoot on my own, focusing on baby-belly and yours truly. However, I did want Anastasia in a few of the shots – after all, she is the big sister. We took a few photos with her, and she was so adorable. I think she remembers Kyle from her Smash the Cake, because she immediately struck a pose with him when we called her into the frame. A real little Mademoiselle.

We chose sunset, and the whole shoot was done in just over an hour. Magical!

I think you already know from this post that I am all for Maternity Shoots! I wish I had done one with my first pregnancy, but I will most definitely be doing one again for my next (milk bath, anyone?)

If you are debating it, I say – do it. Find a photographer you are comfortable with, and who will shoot in the style that you want. Also – someone that has experience in shooting maternity.  It’s important – after all, who knows when you may get the opportunity again?

Pray & Slay


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