Best Parenting Apps

For the past 4 years or so, I have tried and tested many parenting apps, resulting in my top 4 which I frequently use to make life as a Millennial Mom slightly easier for me.

Best Fertility App – Kindara

I’ve been using Kindara since 2013. It’s a near-perfect tracker for documenting your cycles. It’s a great option for natural family planners, for women who don’t have regular cycles and for those who want to track their ovulation and are trying to fall pregnant. There is a community section too, where you can engage with other users on questions, discussions and support.

Favourite Feature: graph showing your entire cycle, offering a visual representation of your entire cycle journey

Rating: 4/5

Best Pregnancy App – The Bump

I actually started using this App two years before I fell pregnant with my first, that’s how much I love it. It’s brilliant to use during and after pregnancy, sending you weekly updates to suit your baby and the life stage you are in. Week 20 of pregnancy? Got you covered – it shows what baby should weigh, what she is doing in utero, answers possible questions you might be thinking at this stage (which is surprisingly accurate) and offers a gentle checklist for things like “get this done, make that appointment, etc”. When baby is born, the info displayed suits the baby’s current age, and articles are customised to suit what you may need.

Favourite Feature: showing you what size your baby is (a melon, a poppy seed) and keeping track of baby’s age

Rating: 5/5 – I love it. It’s so helpful. Hands down the best app

Best Calming App – Sound Sleeper

I used a different app with my first baby, but after discovering this one I have never looked back. It offers different options of white noise grouped based on what would work well for a specific age. It even has options for Adults. The “Shhh Shhh” noise calms Isabella down immediately, and within a few minutes of listening to it she drifts off to a deep sleep. It offers you options to manage how long the sound will play for, for it to re-start when baby wakes up, and it doesn’t deplete your battery life.

Favourite Feature: offering different sounds – each baby is unique, and the sound variations allow you to choose what works best for YOUR baby. Plus, it’s a product that works!

Rating: 5/5 – Love it, love it, love it.

Best Activity App – Kinedu

I always feel guilty that I may not be doing enough stimulating activities with my little ones. I found Kinedu one day which helped to alleviate this guilt. You input your child’s age, answer a few questions based on what they can and can’t do, and from there the algorithm spits out a few suggested activities for you. Most of the time I could answer the questions, but there were times when things my child could do were not listed as an option, or the options listed didn’t directly represent her abilities, so I ended up improvising or not answering them. The activities are generally good, some being too advanced or too easy. It’s still one of the better activity apps I have tried so far.

Favourite Feature: tracking your child’s apparent progress and the activity suggestions.

Rating: 3.8/5 – Not quite a 4, but still better than a 3. It works, but there is room for improvement.

So those are my top apps! Do you have any app recommendations that I should try?

Pray & Slay,


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