My Baby Shower

My awesome Baby Shower happened on the first weekend in July.

It was so pink and lovely and special and ugh! I just loved every moment!

It was crafted around a ‘High Tea’ look and feel, with delicious (alcohol free) pink champers served upon arrival. There were cute little balloons floating around everywhere and yummy finger snacks served among the tea and cake. I had no idea what to expect – it was a lovely surprise!


We were also SO spoiled with gifts (thanks, ladies!). My best was spending time with everyone who came through – it’s so great to feel loved, and this was one of those days where you could see just how many people care and love you, and care and love future baby too (cue the warm, fuzzy feels).


I took a bunch of photos with my gorgeous photo-frame, and loved reading the notes placed in a time capsule for little baba. All such heart-warming memories!

Thank you to my P.I.C and Mother-In-Law for organising like slay Queens! You two did such a fabulous job – I am so grateful!



I love Baby Showers in general… one of my next blog posts will be focused around this, and why I think it’s so important to spoil Mom & Baby.

Until then,

Pray & Slay


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